Monday, 24 January 2011

New Year, New Ambitions

Now we are well into January, it's time I knuckled down to some serious writing resolutions for 2011. So, this is going to be the year when I aim to double my writing income, crack at least two new markets, try to get my first children's picture book published, and make a start on the new novel that's been in my head (instead of on paper) for far too long. I need to get selling my granny books which have been sitting in their box for too long as well - and then start on my next little self-published booklet which will be a collection of stories and poems about pets. It's about half done already. With a 'proper job' to fit in as well, I think that's enough ambition to be going on with!
February will see the launch of 'Diamonds and Pearls', a wonderful anthology, from Accent Press, of short stories by some of your favourite womag writers - including me! - in aid of breast cancer. Well done to Elaine Everest for coming up with the idea and having the drive to get it done, despite being let down by the original publisher. Please do all buy a copy - Amazon are currently the cheapest I have found. None of the authors are taking any money from this, as we all want to help to put an end to this horrible disease.
And a final mention for Write Invite. The competition suffered a serious meltdown last weekend with computer problems preventing most of us from getting access to the website just as we were trying to enter the competition. Hoping all is soon mended. After two weeks of the new 2011 competitions, I am currently top of their winners' league table, having won in the very first week (with a nice £50 prize), although I don't suppose I shall stay there for long once things start hotting up again!

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Patsy said...

They're some ambitious targets - good ones though. Best of luck with them.