Friday, 24 April 2009

April/May 2009 update

All my fiction seems to be disappearing down a big black hole! The stories that have been bought still haven't appeared in the magazines, and the ones I am waiting responses on are taking forever to reply. Still, at least the non-fiction is doing well. Two more in Nursery World, as well as my regular monthly page in Child Care. As for the novel, I am now into waiting mode - submissions sent off to agents and the long wait for replies. Went to a How to Get Published masterclass at Earls Court which was interesting, but depressing - getting on 400 wannabe authors all hoping to find the magic answers that will get them to the top! Not that I will let the competition put me off. The Writers Forum monthly column is going well, and I have had lots of reader responses from all round the world! I hadn't realised I had followers in Australia, but I have! If only I can get the book published there is scope for international sales!! I have an idea bubbling away for the next novel, but it's complicated and I have to work out the intricacies of the plot in my head (which is a long slow cogitative process) before I decide if it works and I am going to give up another year to write it. I'm waiting for the moment when I just feel I have to do it and nothing can stop me - that's when I will start. So, it's all just waiting... waiting... waiting at the moment, like waiting for a bus. I expect three will come along at once any minute now! Happy writing.