Monday, 5 October 2009

October 2009 update

My interview for the radio station has never been broadcast - or if it has, they haven't told me! As it's not local, I can only hear it online, so I do hope they warn me when/if it's coming on. Lots of non-fiction projects on the go, with recent acceptances on nursery rhymes, children's books and child safety, and lots more commissioned to write for publication over the next couple of months. Writers News are planning to use a piece I wrote about choosing a writing alias, probably in either Dec or Jan issue, EYE will be using a piece about involving dads in kids' education in their Dec issue, and another couple of People's Friend fiction stories should be in the magazine very soon now. My novel has still not found a home, and I will be closing the monthly Writers' Forum column down after the December instalment, but I have had lots of encouraging feedback from readers and shared many of their own writing stories too, so it's been a really enjoyable experience, I've learned a lot, and it can all only help me to write a better novel next time. I am compering a poetry cafe night in West Drayton Library this week to celebrate National Poetry Day, so that should be fun - if anyone turns up!

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Julie P said...

I hope you haven't missed your radio interview, but I'm sure they'd tell you when it was going to be aired, well at least I hope they would. orry if I'm stating the obvious but have you contacted them to try and find out?

I'm sorry you column in writers' Forum is ending. I've always enjoyed reading them. Still it sounds as though you have plenty to keep you going. Well done! Andgood luck with your book too.

Julie xx