Thursday, 22 January 2009

January/February update 2009

My new monthly column about useful books for children has launched in Child Care magazine, nicely illustrated, and I feel really pleased with it. January looked at books dealing with a new baby in the family and February about growing up. Children's behaviour issues and choosing a pet are still to come in March and April. And my 'Book Deal or Bust' project in Writers' Forum magazine is attracting lots of comment and interaction with readers through the blog which you can read and comment on - In the February issue I have laid down the challenge and how I intend to go about improving my book and finding myself a publishing deal. March will take a look at the all-important opening and April tackles the synopsis. I am hoping other would-be novelists will write along with me and share their experiences, some of which I hope to use in the column. Fiction is still being pushed into the back seat, but I do have a couple of stories due to appear soon in The People's Friend, following one in the 17 January issue - funny how the illustrations never look like the character who lives in my head. Never mind! And a local poetry competition has returned my entry and my fee due to a general lack of interest - not enough entries to cover the prize money, so the whole thing has been cancelled. A shame there aren't more poets supporting the smaller comps, or maybe the organisers just didn't advertise it well enough or in the right places! Now that particular poem will have to seek a new home. Keep on writing, everyone - there's always a market out there somewhere. You just have to keep looking!

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Col Bury said...

Just popped over form Talkback. I agree, Viv. Tenacity is the key. Nice Blog!